Visitor Travel Insurance

Visitor Insurance

Visitor Insurance plans are designed to primarily cover traveler’s medical expenses arising out of sudden sicknesses or injuries from an accident.

These plans also offer medical evacuation, return of mortal remains (i.e repatriation) and accidental death & dismemberment benefits.

Visitor Insurance plans are offered on sites at and

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance plans are designed for travelers seeking to protect losses in their trip investments (resort, cruise bookings etc) due to unavoidable cancellations as well as those seeking coverage for trip sicknesses/injuries, evacuation, delay, loss of luggage etc.

There are package travel insurance plans that include coverage for trip cancellation, medical expenses, evacuation, travel delays etc. There is also a class of plans (travel medical insurance) that focus on medical coverage and offer no travel/trip cancellation benefits.

Travel Insurance plans (package trip cancelltion insurance and travel medical insurance) are offered on