Software Services

Employee Benefits Management Services
IntServ has developed a custom employee benefits management solution for insurance carriers and third party administrators. The proprietary cloud and mobile software solution for the disability, life and major medical industry includes features for member eligibility, enrollment, benefit configuration, online claim submission, payment processing and reimbursement.

Technology Solutions

IntServ focuses on developing innovative, secure and effective technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. Using the latest tools and software development processes IntServ enables business to reach their markets and clients at record speed. Our services include:

Block Chain Solutions:

  • Design, Development & Maintenance with a strong focus on Smart Contracts
  • Cloud Web Applications: Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Mobile Applications: Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Integration between Applications (focus on health & life insurance segments)
  • Various Technologies including ASP.NET, Xamarin, C#, PHP, Java, Azure, Amazon Web Services, LAMP etc.

Whitepaper: Blockchain: Use case for Epidemic Alerts