Retail Insurance

Visitor Travel Insurance

Visitor Insurance

Visitor Insurance plans are designed to primarily cover traveler’s medical expenses arising out of sudden sicknesses or injuries from an accident.

These plans also offer medical evacuation, return of mortal remains (i.e repatriation) and accidental death & dismemberment benefits.

Visitor Insurance plans are offered on sites at and

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance plans are designed for travelers seeking to protect losses in their trip investments (resort, cruise bookings etc) due to unavoidable cancellations as well as those seeking coverage for trip sicknesses/injuries, evacuation, delay, loss of luggage etc.

There are package travel insurance plans that include coverage for trip cancellation, medical expenses, evacuation, travel delays etc. There is also a class of plans (travel medical insurance) that focus on medical coverage and offer no travel/trip cancellation benefits.

Travel Insurance plans (package trip cancellation insurance and travel medical insurance) are offered on

Student Insurance

International Student Health Insurance

International Student Insurance plans offer medical insurance coverage to international students outside their home country. Every year thousands of students come to the US to study in the many universities and educational institutions.

These International Student plans offer coverage for medical expenses including doctor visits and hospitalizations, medical evacuation, repatriation and accidental death & dismemberment benefits for students and their families. Most plans meet the health insurance requirements of several US universities.

International student health insurance plans are offered at

Study Abroad Health Insurance

These days increasingly students are looking for a richer educational experience. Studying abroad for a semester or longer has become very popular. Study Abroad Insurance plans offer medical coverage to students who go abroad to study. The plans offer a wide range of comprehensive benefits at very affordable prices. Study Abroad Health insurance plans are offered at

International Insurance

International Health Insurance

International health Insurance plans are designed to meet the growing demand for a truly global lifestyle. These annual, renewable plans meet the requirements of expatriates, teachers working abroad, missionaries, marine crew and other professionals who relocate outside their home country because of their work.

The International Health Insurance plans offer a comprehensive list of benefits and can cover members in their home country. Some plans offer coverage for preventive care (physicals, immunizations), maternity and dental care. The applicants must provide details of their medical history and the application goes through medical underwriting.

International Health Insurance plans are offered at

US Domestic Insurance

US Domestic Health Insurance

US Domestic Insurance coverage is available for individuals, families and employee groups residing in the US. The plans offer long term coverage with comprehensive benefits that can be tailored for your requirements.

We provide US domestic insurance plans underwritten by some of the country’s best health insurance carriers. We offer plans through Anthem – Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Assurant Health, Golden Rule United HealthCare, AIG and Nationwide.

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Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance coverage is designed for US residents who need temporary medical coverage. These plans are suitable for people who are between jobs, waiting for a health insurance benefits through a new employer or for people who have exhausted their benefits under COBRA. Young adults who are no longer covered under their parents and do not yet have insurance through their employers can also benefit from the Short Term Insurance coverage.
Short term plans are available for US residents who are below the age of 64. Dependants and families can also apply for coverage. Typically, applicants must answer a health questionnaire and coverage is available the next day or within a few days.

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War Terror Insurance

Frequent travelers and tourists are advised to purchase insurance plans that do not exclude losses due to an act of war or terror.

Most travel insurance plans exclude coverage while traveling to countries carrying Travel Warnings by US Dept. of State. Those traveling to high risk areas like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan etc. can be protected under our plans offering the War or Act of War Coverage.

Please review the War & Terror Coverage offer by the USAway plan at

ADD Insurance
Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance is a must-have for travelers who want to provide their families financial stability in the event of an accidental death while traveling overseas including high risk areas.

High Limit ADD insurance offers year round worldwide coverage in the event of an accidental death or dismemberment arising from work, travel, war and terror related causes. High Limit ADD Insurance can offset the temporary and long term financial hardships caused by the accidental death or accidental bodily injury to the insured member.

Review the War & Terror coverage offered under the high limit ADD insurance at