International Services, Inc:

IntServ offers innovative, secure and effective technology solutions that benefit companies of all sizes. We design and develop software solutions using the latest tools and software development processes, and thus help businesses maximize their business potential and remain in step with their competitors.

Our IT solutions include software to handle benefits management & procurement processes. We have developed a user friendly proprietary cloud and mobile software solution to help businesses in meeting their objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We are well experienced in designing insurance enrollment software, management & procurement processes. We have designed and implemented health & life group insurance member enrollment, accounting and claims solutions.
InteServ also provides life and medical insurance technology and consulting. We have been in business for more than 13 years and earned the respect of clients and insurance carriers alike. We are specialized in designing international life, accident, sickness & medical insurance solutions for international travelers and global organizations. We also operate several websites catering to various insurance segments.

A fully integrated online fulfillment process (spanning client enrollment, purchase and delivery of insurance policy kit) is deployed on the company’s websites. A live example of the process can be reviewed on the company’s website at